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Former Studio 263 Actress Anne Nhira put in her place after writing letter to BAN Zodwa Wabantu from coming to Zimbabwe to the Zimbabwean Government…

The letter which was responded to by the Govt of Zimbabwe has sparked a riot on Facebook after Vimbai as we knew her on Studio 263 shared this:

I am ecstatic that the Zimbabwean Government has responded quickly to my letter of objection about “Zodwa wabantu” coming to Zimbabwe .She will no longer be attending the Zimbabwe National Tourism Carnival event.The Zimbabwean Government has made the decision and I am happy with their decision as stated in the letter below from the Acting Minister of Tourism,and the Minister of Youth ,Indigenization and Economic Empowerment , Honourable Patrick Zhuwao after receiving my Letter of concern together with Ministry of Women Affairs and Ministry of Rural Development

This is my message to all Zimbabweans.If you are a Citizen of Zimbabwe and you have concerns ,you should direct them them to the Government and speak out .
#Iam Zimbabwean

She even attached the reply…. See Picture
Its the comments that came in that caught our attention… No one on the comments support her they all attacked her and put her in her place! Some of the comments below:

Alfred Nenguwo: You hating on Zodwa because you look Hideous without panties nxaaa bratshiit

Olgah Rutendo Idoit

Santana Mitchell Nontokozo You serious needs deliverance sisi ..wat a hater
..its not your place to send such a letter .re you talking for urself or for other Zimbabweans ?! Washaya zvirinani zvekunyorera government like for real .get a life

Prosper Maromo And u call yourself an Artist shame on u washed up Actress wannabe for real get a real acting job or tsvaga a cameo role muErotica

Rejoyce Reeree Sibbs Mxxxm get a life and concetrate on yr carrier wat dd zodwa do to u

I could go on and on there is no comment supporting her in any way… But i will let you see more of it on your own that is if she doesn’t delete it…

30/08/2017, # , Edit

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